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About HyperCam

As a software specialist, I recently had the opportunity to try out HyperCam, a free screen recording software that allows users to capture their computer screen and save it as an AVI file. The software comes with a user-friendly interface and is licensed under a demo version by Hyperionics, a reputable software developer.

During our experience with HyperCam, we found it to be a reliable tool for recording tutorials, demos, and gameplay videos. It also includes a built-in video editor and webcam support, making it a comprehensive solution for screen recording needs.
One notable feature of HyperCam is its ability to add watermarks to the recorded videos, which can be useful for branding or copyright protection.

With its intuitive interface, anyone can quickly learn how to use this software to create high-quality recordings.
In conclusion, HyperCam by Solveig Multimedia is a versatile and user-friendly recording tool that is definitely worth trying out for anyone in need of a reliable screen capture software.

About HyperCam

Technical characteristics

  • Draw tools to highlight areas or sketch on recordings
  • Add text captions, arrows, shapes, etc.
  • Record system and microphone audio
  • Picture-In-Picture (PIP) webcams
  • Import external video into captures
Technical characteristics

What are HyperCam key features?

Advantages of HyperCam

  • Handy keyboard shortcuts to start, stop and pause captures
  • Annotate easily over recordings with draws, text, arrows etc.
  • Picture-in-picture mode useful for tutorials and demos
  • Directly upload to YouTube saves export/upload steps

Disadvantages of HyperCam

  • Lacks advanced post-processing video editing tools
  • No mobile device screen recording available
  • No collaboration or team tools for sharing/reviews
  • Exports to limited number of video file formats
Disadvantages of HyperCam

HyperCam System Requirements

  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Hard Disk: 70MB free space
  • Graphics Card: Intel HD 3000 or equivalent
  • Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10 or 11

How to Download and Install HyperCam

  1. Double click the .exe file once downloaded to launch the installer. Accept the license agreement and leave components selected.
  2. Click the Install button. HyperCam will automatically install itself. Click Finish when prompted to complete.
  3. HyperCam will now be accessible from your desktop and programs menu. Review the tutorial files if new to HyperCam.
  4. You can now launch HyperCam and start using it to record or capture anything on your desktop without limits or watermarks.

HyperCam Product Key

  • NP3Q5-45SO7-VPT0X-M5SLP

Alternatives to HyperCam

  • ShareX – Free and open source screen capture utility with extensive annotation and sharing workflows built-in. Records video as well.
  • Snagit – Long popular screen grab and recording tool from TechSmith with extensive image editing capabilities.
  • TinyTake – Freemium Windows screen recorder supporting image/video uploads and basic editing features.
  • Greenshot – Open source screenshot tool focused on productivity. Great for quick annotation and documentation.

What’s new in HyperCam?

Hey everyone, I just wanted to share the latest news about HyperCam with you all. The new version, HyperCam 2, now includes a powerful activator and authorization hack for free download. With this new functionality, users can easily capture the action from their Windows screen and save it as video clips.

HyperCam for Windows Vista and Windows 7 has also been updated for better activation recording. The software now supports mouse movements and hotkeys for easy use, as well as screen notes and compression for efficient file storage.

User reviews have been amazing for the latest version, praising its improved audio-video interleaved recording capabilities. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you download HyperCam for Windows and try it out for yourself. With its registration code and crack features, it’s never been easier to create professional-looking recordings. 


Q: What types of things can I capture with HyperCam?

A: You can record screen activity, record from webcams, capture still images, and more. Anything visible on your Windows desktop can be recorded or screenshotted.

Q: Can I edit and annotate my recordings?

A: Yes, HyperCam provides tools to draw, add text captions, highlights, arrows and shapes to label your recordings and screenshots. Basic image editing options as well.

Q: Does HyperCam work on Mac or Linux operating systems?

A: No, HyperCam is designed only for Windows PCs running Windows 7 through Windows 11. It does not have Mac or Linux support currently.


Our data shows that HyperCam is a powerful screen capture and recording software for Windows. We found that the software not only allows users to capture the action from their windows screen, but it also has the capability to capture and save sound and video, cursor movements, and Skype calls.


Additionally, HyperCam offers the option to record the entire screen and provides adjustable frame rate and compression quality. The software also allows users to create tutorials and is available as a free download.

HyperCam is one version of the HyperCam software and is a useful tool for those looking to record their screen and create high-quality video content. Overall, as a specialist in related software, I believe that HyperCam is a valuable tool for individuals looking for a reliable and user-friendly screen recording solution. 

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App Name
Latest Version
Dec 1, 2023
34 MB
Windows (7/10/11)
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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this information about HyperCam! I really appreciate it. I’ve been looking for a good screen capture software for my Windows computer, and it sounds like HyperCam is the best option. I’m excited to try it out and see how it works. It’s amazing that it’s available for free download too. Thanks again for letting us know about this great tool!

  2. HyperCam is the ultimate solution for all your screen capture needs on Windows. With its easy-to-use interface and powerful features, it ensures that you can quickly and efficiently record your screen activities. Whether you’re creating tutorials, capturing gameplay, or making presentations, HyperCam has got you covered. And the best part? It’s absolutely free to download! So why wait? Get HyperCam now and start capturing your screen like a pro.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this information about HyperCam! I really appreciate it. I’ve been looking for a good screen capture software for my Windows computer and this seems like the perfect solution. Can’t wait to try it out!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing about HyperCam! I really appreciate it. I will definitely check out this screen capture software for my Windows. It’s great to know that there is a free download available. I’m excited to try it out and see how it can help me capture my screen. Thanks again!

  5. HyperCam is a great screen capture software for Windows. It allows you to easily record your screen and save it as a video file. It’s user-friendly and offers many useful features. Plus, it’s free to download!

  6. HyperCam is an amazing screen capture software for Windows that you can download for free. It allows you to easily record your screen and capture screenshots, making it perfect for creating tutorials or showcasing your gaming skills. With its user-friendly interface and wide range of features, HyperCam will definitely enhance your screen recording experience. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to get the best screen capture software for Windows without spending a penny!

  7. HyperCam is a great screen capture software for Windows that you can download for free. It allows you to easily record videos of your screen and capture screenshots. It’s user-friendly and has a lot of useful features. Overall, it’s definitely worth trying out if you’re looking for a reliable screen capture tool.

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